Nina Conti


Clowning Around

Look out for Nina's new documentary, Clowning Around, on BBC4 on March 15 at 9pm. This follows her directorial debut, Her Master's Voice, which won a Grierson Award and a BAFTA nomination. In this new film Conti tells the story of her two year stint as a hospital clown.

Clowning Around follows Nina as she trains as a Giggle Doctor with Theodora Children’s Charity, beginning with her trying to find her clown persona. Devastated by the discovery that Monkey can only perform in hospitals if he can be boil-washed, Nina tries to go it alone with a red nose, a few balloon animals and some slightly disappointing magic tricks. Not to mention her professional snobbery rearing up as she discovers herself becoming a baby-voiced children's entertainer. Further problems emerge when she encounters sufferers from clown phobia...